While concepts like circular economy and sustainability are making headway in the world of fashion, Inescop, the centre for technology and innovation applied to the Spanish footwear industry becomes a promoter of two research projects aimed at the recycling and use of recycled agricultural materials in footwear production. Partner in this initiative is Mercalicante, the leading fresh produce wholesaler in Alicante: through the agreement, the food district will contribute by providing agricultural and industrial waste that will then be transformed into recycled fibres for use in footwear production. The agreement has a validity of five years and is divided between two projects: Greenmatshoe aimed at the development of materials for the upper made using recycled fibres and sustainable finishes for the implementation of the circular economy in the footwear industry, and Noformald that instead aims to minimize the formaldehyde present in some finished leathers for footwear through the use of natural reducers like polyphenols obtained from agricultural by-products, thus creating a new life for these materials. “Innovation based on know-how is the key to the sustainable development of the footwear industry and its chain of value, – commented Miguel AngelMartinez, Director of Inescop – while also working in sync with strategic industrial sectors in the Valencian Community for the implementation of a successful circular model that makes the most of the resources available in our territory”.

MIguel Angel Martinez visita il mercato ortofrutticolo di Mercalicante