Silga Gomma

The company from Civitanova Marche has developed an extremely versatile rubber and polyurethane compound, with anti-slip and antistatic properties. In the Sigla Gomma selection, there are also soles for the boots of firefighters, which are fire-resistant and antistatic, and polyurethane shoes with a slight heel for the healthcare and foodstuffs industries, in a combination of performance and comfort.



Presents an innovative range of metal-free hooks, as an evolution of the TopLight line dedicated to safety footwear.



Making its return is the innovative Quick Lock fastening system with tightening mechanism for the laces, which keeps them at the desired tension without loosening or coming undone. Simple, yet brilliant, Quick Lock is made from a base of technical composite nylon that guarantees flexibility, springing back to its natural shape without deforming, and is fitted with a metallic locking system at the centre of the base itself, which works as a cinch on the laces.


Lenzi Egisto

Like the armour of an armadillo: HyperTex® is an extremely high performance fabric in terms of resistance to abrasion, resilience, lightness, and flexibility, which are all the result of Putek technology that uses state-of-the-art threads woven directly into the fabric. HyperTex® has a resistance 6 times superior to Cordura 1000 and, when combined with Perspair jacquard technology, allows for the creation of functional uppers of great impact in different colours and for a wide variety of applications.



For more than twenty years, Tecnominuterie has been developing and producing metallic minutia for the fashion industry, proposing a wide range of hooks, ring hooks, speed laces and multiple hooks, rivets and inserts, buckles and speed fasteners. The experience matured over the years and constant research on state-of-the-art technical solutions have allowed it to develop specific lines dedicated to the safety industry.



They provide support throughout the workday, ensuring protection and high performance: safety soles represent a technical challenge that has tackled by focusing on cutting-edge chemicals and evolved constructions. Two strengths that allow for the creation of innovative products with state-of-the-art materials and formulas, which end up in multi-material soles that benefit from each and every one of these special characteristics and their advantages.



Presents a complete range of technical accessories for safety shoes that are impact-resistant and anti-abrasion, including a device that protects the ankles.



Professional soles in natural rubber, with single piece cold-resistant shells. Al.Pi. soles are anti-slip and fire-resistant, while for the coldest climates, they are fitted with an ice-resistant and snow-resistant OCsystem® device: a small crampon which, when not needed, can be retracted to fit beneath the sole.



The company from Morrovalle (MC) presents XL Extralight®, the innovative antistatic material for soles that is resistant to oils and hydrocarbons and developed in the company’s laboratories in accordance with DIN EN ISO 20345, 20346, 20347 safety standards. This extraordinary material offers the soles of professional footwear maximum resistance to abrasion and slipping, excellent compression, and non-marking features, while guaranteeing an ultralight feel and high level of comfort.


Cauchos Arnedo

Specialised in the use of natural compounds and 100% natural rubber, which guarantee comfort, grip, shock-absorption, and eco-compatibility, Cauchos Arnedo adapts every formula to suit also the needs of safety and technical footwear. Compliant with the requirements of EN ISO 20345/47 and the 15090 American safety standard, it proposes soles that are fireproof, resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, sterilized by gamma radiation, insulating, ESD, antistatic, and non-slip.


F.lli Torresi

Two solutions for professional footwear: the first with retractable ice cleats that can be activated through a small lever on the outside of the sole, for a perfect grip on icy and snowy surfaces; the second is the classic rubber sole for safety footwear with toecap. Non-slip on water and oils, as well as fire-resistant, it is ideal for every kind of workplace environment.



Leader in the production of microporous EVA sheets, Selasti has also developed a line of products for the safety industry that guarantee protection and lightness at the same time, which is highly appreciated by clientele in these products that are both fire-resistant and antistatic.



Presents an expanded rubber sheet with an extremely innovative 0.35 density, ideal for combining high performance features with comfort in orthopaedic and professional sanitary shoes.


Cauchos Karey

The Spanish company specialised in natural rubber and recycled compounds presents a sole for professional shoes that is resistant to oils and also fireproof.



The Germany company presents different solutions specifically aimed at the safety industry, like the insoles in the below photo that comply with EN ISO 20344/47 safety standards for professional footwear.



Hygienic, orthopaedic, and antistatic insoles ideal also for safety footwear: this is the proposal of the Germany company Emsold.



This Turkish textile company has extended its catalogue of fibres and fabrics to include a range exclusively dedicated to technical and professional footwear. Among the special features developed are resistance to water, antistatic properties, flame resistance, and suitability for ballistics.



Specialised in the production and sales of latex and latex derivative foams, Spumatex offers a vast range of solutions for safety footwear, including sheets with antistatic and antibacterial properties, fabrics with low electrical resistance, and footbeds with conductive properties.