inspira-410At Inspiramais Summer 2019, the Sustainability Area presented strongly innovative ‘eco-friendly’ proposals of great interest to visitors, alongside a series of debates and talks dedicated to the issue.

Leading sector companies offered a look at what the future of the fashion industry will be like, with increasing attentiveness to the planet and the well-being of mankind. Starting from Rhodia, with its Amni Soul Eco Yarn, the first biodegradable polyamide yarn in the world, or the innovative Piñatex® yarn by Stahl Evo, which was developed by using pineapple fibre. Visitors were also able to appreciate the biodegradable fabrics developed by Cofrag and destined for the apparel and footwear industries, while ITM presented its Ecofio (EcoYarn) made from cotton discards, as the expression of a circular and sustainable fashion system, with cooperatives carefully selecting the discards of recycled cotton, which are then transformed into new yarns and resent to the factory, with added value provided by OEKO-TEX® certifications and processes of renewable energy.

According to Flávia Vanelli, designer of Assintecal Research Centre and curator of the Sustainable Area, it is exactly the circular economy and the possibility of transforming industrial scraps into raw materials for production that represents the biggest challenge for the modern industry. “This area – confirmed Vannelli – is dedicated to leading companies that understand how sustainability represents the highest level of competitiveness and quality on the market. It’s a natural process undertaken by those companies striving to emphasise their products through an important added value”.

Supported by certifications like ‘Sustainable Origin’ and CSCB (Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability),the Sustainable Area also promoted various free debates that incited great interest, proposing innovative solutions for sustainable initiatives and materials in the Brazilian fashion market.