Italbraid s.r.l., an Italian company founded in 1975 by Francesco Vino, is now an international leader in the production of laces, ribbons, industrial yarns and sewing threads.
A success that comes from the initial intuition of the founder. In the mid-seventies, he brought to fruition his many years of experience in the sale and production of footwear and packaging to establish a company that initially produced laces for footwear and subsequently rigid ribbons for the clothing industry, in addition to footwear. Francesco Vino’s stubbornness and firm conviction led the company to rapidly disseminate its products and to distribute them throughout the national territory, aiming to become one of the leading producers of those types of articles.


The choice of the best fibres – from polyester to cotton, up to the finest fibres for technical and/or very special articles – the constant search for innovation and more than 5,000 square metres of covered warehouses are the elements at the base of the Italbraid success. In all these years, the company has continued to grow and has successfully navigated the generational change, and today it is able to guarantee a daily production of 150,000 pairs of laces and 50,000 metres of ribbon.
The sales network present in the various Italian regions and the rest of the world and the Italbraid operating team are always at the disposal of customers to guarantee a complete and prompt service. The prestigious sampling department, for example, can produce rapid prototypes of more than 2000 articles already present in the catalogue and new products requested by the customer due to its colour palette of more than 200 variants between polyester and cotton.