The Open House held on 3 and 4 July by Italiana Accessori enjoyed quite a success as regards technical content (Technologies, Assortment of tools) as well as the attendance of Italian and other European clients from various sectors (leather fashion, embroidery, laser treatments, labels)

Technicians, designers, prototypers, manufacturers and industrialists from top brands in Italian Fashion made their appearance. A strong point of the Open House was the line of machinery: units for stitching, laser processes and an automatic machine for application of Swarovski crystals with claw that use the same frame in all the stages of various processes to ensure the greatest precision. See the press release Italiana Accessori is the exclusive agent in Italy for the C&C Metal Corp. USA which for almost 100 years has been a leader in the manufacture of studs with claws.

Thanks to the collaboration of Sagitta, that has understood better than anybody the importance of industrializing application of trimmings with claws through the aid of numerically controlled machines and combining the quality of C&C Metal products, it is now possible to set up even complicated projects, optimizing time and cost of work as well as stimulating the creative new ideas of designers.