La vetrina della galleria d’arte antiquaria di Milano Robertaebasta

Cuoio di Toscana, the brand born to represent the Tuscan tanning district and absolute leader in the production of sole leather, renews its bond with Italian fashion thanks to a special designer guitar, created by Fabrizio Paoletti and autographed by Ermal Meta, which has been on display at Milan’s prestigious art gallery Robertaebasta specialised in antiques for the entire fashion week and is now protagonist of an auction, the proceeds of which will support the charity projects of the fundraising association Donna in Pisa, which has been promoting actions to support female victims of violence since 1990.

A unique piece that excites in the same way as a fashion creation, born from the skilled hands of the luthier Fabrizio Poletti who, since 2005, has been handcrafting guitars with construction materials or reusing recovered timbers – like chestnut wood coming from barrels in which Chianti wine was produced. The result are splendid instruments with a unique design that preserve, in the story of the wood that contains them, the memory of the materials from which they are created and which are loved by the most famous international musicians (from Bruce Springsteen, Brian May, Keith Richards, Slash to the Italian Ligabue and Elisa).

And like the same Ermal Meta, the talented artist, who autographed the guitar emblem of the fashion project, who once again puts his voice at the service of Italian excellence, after having been among the protagonists of Artes, the short movie with which the Consortium illustrated the magic of the Italian savoir faire, the sustainability and manufacturing excellence of the associated companies.

How to take part in the auction. There are only a few hours left!
The auction to win the electric leather guitar autographed by Ermal Meta will stay online until March 4, 6:00 p.m.
The auction proceeds with a minimum increase of 25 euro and is available on the site Charity Stars. Click here to access the page.  

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