The rewarding collaboration continues between the important Garlasco-based company and the school for footwear designers

The collaboration continues between Kenda Farben and the Ars Sutoria School. During the final stage of creating the footwear prototypes by the students, the Kenda Farben technicians evaluate the type of models and materials to use.

Once the construction is completed, the shoes are finished in the Kenda Farben factory, where the technicians apply the finishing and colouring products, organising a real educational workshop. The Kenda Farben personnel are always ready to offer their valuable advice to students who are given the chance to discover the secrets of this crucial manufacturing stage, and to learn about the quality of the products of the Pavia company: Kaleido and Toledo for the crust, just an example, and different creams, dressings, sponges and brushes for other materials.