Fueled by new hybrid codes and genres, synthetics and fabrics are updated by a new focus on technical advancement and refinement. Eco-responsibility runs throughout the new proposals, impacting the choice of materials and promoting those with a more sensory appeal. Prompted by a yearning for a brighter future and an irrepressible urge for freshness, a feeling of calm radiates throughout the season’s creative directions. Creating motion and bringing materials to life resonates strongly, drawing on a skillful interplay of sparkles that ripple across the season’s best proposals.

Matt, high-performance fabrics simulate clever crossovers of the digital and physical world and feature unusual effects, with a dichotomy between shiny and opaque for products with a heightened sensory appeal. Meticulous proposals where nothing is left to chance and every detail is precisely studied and elaborated.


Here product development is key. Digital tools multiply motion and light effects for products resolutely focused on the future of sportwear. These factors emerge on lightly shiny or boldly silky technical grounds made of ultra-light polyamide or polyester. Solarized, almost holographic, bright and forthright colourways create intense visual contrasts.


New styles inspired by homewear give this universe a novel spin: while making use of specific materials the focus is on organic, sustainable and stretchy. Cotton-elastane blends, increasingly in recycled versions, are now available in lighter weights for clothing that can be worn indoors and out. A highly fluid spirit is elaborated in silk or linen blends with elasticated soft fabrics.


A charming and captivating suppleness is one of the season’s essential highlights. An expressive and highly creative effervescence champion decorations and iridescent interplays. A seductive appeal, flaunting colours and patterns, daring style mixes and piled-on details.