When Covid-19 blighted Khaite’s fourth runway show, Holstein took the opportunity to stage her own fashion technology showcase inside the homes of buyers and members of the press. In a box decorated with swatches of excess fabric from the collection, there was a hardcover lookbook and a set of postcards that both integrated AR technology. With a smartphone scan, the spring/summer 2021 shoes and boots were viewable in Augmented Reality and zoomable in 3D for a more "tactile" view that allowed to expand the conversation on the future of digital retail. She’s planning to make AR a permanent feature on her website, and will eventually have 3D renderings for every item, from shoes to sweaters.
Also unlocked by smartphone a futuristic short film by Hanna Tveite, set in concrete, industrial darkness, exploreing the paradoxes of the present – doom versus hope, trauma versus rebirth – and, Holstein’s poignant question, “How do we really live a life in a box?”.
To avoid getting too tech-y and cold, Holstein tucked in the ss21 box also a Régime des Fleurs candle and a vinyl record to make the whole living room show experience more sensorial, a mix or analog and digital.