The company and its products immediately found success on the Italian and international market, especially among manufacturers of luxury shoes with very high heels, as well as special needs footwear.

The Earth at Heart project. Kiefer von Zoe’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Years of work and technical refinement have enabled Kiefer von Zoe to conceive and implement an ambitious project: taking care of Planet Earth through their products. Hence, the name of the initiative and the White Paper: “The Earth at Heart”, which means sustainability and environmental compatibility in the Kiefer von Zoe products. This project aims at proposing the values of sustainability as the basis of corporate strategy, shared by each individual employee and, above all, put into practice on the market.

The Earth at Heart Project. How does a sustainable future translate into reality?

Over time, the company has transformed itself into a real research and development centre, and is now recognised as one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the market of technical materials for the entire fashion industry. The project launched by Kiefer von Zoe focuses on transforming its products into excellent examples of sustainability. In detail, the ‘green’ products in question are:

  • KPB, a cardboard made of 100% pure cellulose and, therefore highly efficient and resistant, but above all, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable, with no added adhesives, dyes and chemical products of any kind, unlike the cardboards normally used in the footwear industry.
  • NPU Green, 100% pure cellulose, it is not only fully recyclable, biodegradable, eco-friendly and sustainable, but is also the hardest and best-performing cardboard currently available on the market, thus it can be used in even the most extreme productions.
  • MTM, made entirely of pure cellulose fibre, FSC and PEFC certified, and vulcanised through a special natural process that does not alter the characteristics of the raw material, it has no added dyes. It is therefore 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable and has a pH of 5.5-7.0.
  • SQN, designed specifically for long, pointed shapes and for all items that require a very thin and elastic insole, it is only 0.6 mm thick. Exclusively made of pure cellulose fibre, FSC and PEFC certified, vulcanised naturally with no added dyes. It is 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and has a pH of 5.5-7.0.

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Download the Kiefer von Zoe whitepaper and discover the study, the research and the certifications that made its products hallmarks of sustainability.