_mg_6846Not long ago, at the APLF in Hong Kong, the full hall during the presentation of Leather Naturally was a promising indication for the excellent success of the fundraising, set to launch an international campaign to promote skin.
And so it was, the goal of 1.5 million dollars was reached thanks to the contribution of about 70 companies and associations from over 20 countries.

“This is a great moment for our sector – declared the Campaign Director, Fernando Bellese – and it was possible only because the leaders of the companies have made common cause to finance this important project that will help to build a stronger image of leather and will bring this incredible material closer to new consumers”.

Egbert Dikkers, Leather Naturally president
Egbert Dikkers, Leather Naturally president

The chairman of Leather Naturally, Egbert Dikkers thanks those who contributed to the fundraising:

Not only for the resources donated by your companies, but also for your support in promoting this project and spreading the word among other industry leaders.

Now Leather Naturally will start preparing the campaign for the launch in June 2019. A team of 4 or 5 people will be appointed to help in the management and report their developments to donors. America, Europe and Asia will be the main targets of what is expected to be a non-traditional campaign, that will transmit the values of the skin, above all addressed to younger generations (tomorrow’s consumers). The idea is to strongly emphasise the concept: “We are proud of leather”. Because the sector does no longer want to defend itself from disinformation attacks, but be proactive in promoting this sustainable and quality material.
Fernando Bellese concludes:

We enjoy this result now and work hard to get good outcomes. After that the real challenge will be to equip ourselves with a financial structure that will enable us to carry on this campaign with continuity and not just for a year.

A great success for Leather Naturally, which in 2018 faced numerous changes and evolutions: the establishment of a legal entity based in the Netherlands, the creation of an administrative office that ensures greater transparency and an associative structure suited to the various operational areas.

Leather Naturally promotes the use of leather globally and seeks to inspire and inform designers, creatives and consumers about its beauty, quality and versatility. The members of Leather Naturally are tanneries, manufacturers of leather chemicals, machine manufacturers, service providers and brands. By 2019 it is expected that the members will be around 70 (today they are 55).