Francesco La Rosa, with some of his works in the background, at the Vicenza Pelli stand during the October 2019 edition of Lineapelle

Vicenza Pelli made the material on which Francesco La Rosa reproduced a life-sized image of the “Last Supper.” A memorable work that celebrates Italian artistic and handcrafted genius.
Francesco La Rosa is an Italian contemporary artist who uses unusual materials and tools to create his artworks. He specialises in micro-engraving on large leather products using scalpels and knives.
He is particularly fascinated with photorealistic portraits and drawings which he creates in black and white, because he loves the beauty of shadows and lights that characterise the picture.
Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper reproduced on leather in its original size (8.8 x 4.6 metres) is his latest masterpiece. The project, supported by the film producer Oscar Generale, with whom he had already created a line of “engraved” leather bags for the Aranyani brand, wants to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci.
The video on the creation of the work and the work itself will give life to a travelling exhibition that will take Italian artistic genius around the world. As well as Italian handcrafted genius, since the leather used as a basis for the work was provided by Vicenza Pelli, La Rosa’s partner for each of his creations. The famous Veneto-based tannery supplied a 1.4-1.6-inch thick bovine crust with mixed vegetable tanning: large, high quality leather to allow the artist to reproduce Leonardo’s famous painting.

Vicenza Pelli’s stand at the 2019 October Lineapelle edition