At almost thirty years from the presentation of Relax, the first yarn with a carbon core made in collaboration with Ivrea University to protect from electromagnetic pollution, Lineapiù Italia presents the evolution of that technology, giving life to a new generation of yarns capable of expressing comfort and modernity in a unique way. The new yarns are Shield, a combination of carbon fibres and viscose, and Scudo, a blend of carbon fibre and organic cotton, both standing out for the special graphic effect conveyed by the presence of carbon.

Conveying an aesthetic dimension to this technical material, while demonstrating its potential to the fashion industry, were the interpretations of it by the winning designers of Talents promoted by the Lineapiù Foundation: Marco Rambaldi, and Froy and Rus the Brand, joined by the look developed by stylist Naira Khachatryan, who has been collaborating for years now in projects promoting the yarns of this Tuscan company. The garments realised were presented at Pitti Filati on the Pitti Connect platform thanks to the visual storytelling of photographer Roberto Quagli, who capably transformed into images the important messages of innovation, technical research, aesthetics, and the manufacturing excellence of the company, which were a success in a year even as difficult as that of the pandemic.

What were the looks presented by the Pitti Filati incubator of ideas? Marco Rambaldi began from the concept of protection to develop a sort of wetsuit, a second skin, highlighting with jacquard designs the specific effects of radiation and electromagnetic waves on the skin. Geometric and functional was the look of Froy by Arman Avetikya, which mapped the body’s structure, highlighting the most delicate vital organs with plays of shapes and colours in a surreal key. Rus The Brand by Patricia Gutierrez instead focused on layerings and the comfort of movements, exalting the sense of protections and the dependence on digital communications during the months of isolation. Finally, Naira Khachatryan played off cuts and stripes for a sporty-glam contemporary look. Technical innovation, protection, and aesthetics are the main advantages offered by Shield and Scudo.