Lonati, an important reality in the Brescia machinery-textile sector, presented two innovative circular machines for seamless uppers at Simac, which are based on technology developed for the production of socks, a field where the company has 60-plus years of experience.
They are the double cylinder E1530XS and single cylinder GK616D35 circular machines: fruit of the project developed in 2019 and presented with success at ITMA in Barcelona last year, they are now receiving their first positive feedbacks from the market. Large groups are investing in this technology for its reliability, quality, ease-of-use, and incredibly short production times (6-8 minutes per piece).
The double cylinder is an extremely technical machine, which allows for different rib, links patterns and links jacquard, shadow stripe and open-work knitting, with a brushless motor incorporated in the column with variable heel and toe reciprocating motion, selection points instead of pickers and needle droppers, and it is especially suited to the technical-sports industry. The single cylinder has the possibility to knit countless combinations of colour and design – with six colours on course, plus ground colour, mesh, tuck and float stitch, plain knit or plating terry, also in areas with laid-in elastic, selected heel with possibility of jacquard design-, plus it has reciprocated heel and toe in adjustable dimensions and 3D effects; all features that make it ideal for the fashion industry.
At Lonati’s stand at the fair, it was possible to watch the entire productive process thanks to the collaboration with Stema, a company from the shoe-machinery industry: when the upper of the single and double cylinder is ready it is knit, put on the mould, and then placed in an oven at 200° for one minute, and finally in a pressure blaster that removes the air thereby allowing the upper to be fixed.