Aware of the fact that ‘making fashion equals making art’, Ramponi – leader in the production of haute couture components and accessories – has always been committed to the issues of sustainability, digitisation and the protection over its projects and products resulting from innovation and creativity.
For several years Ramponi has been involved in the development of production processes with low environmental impact and increasingly innovative products, as evidenced by the catalogue introduction of accessories such as buckles, zip pullers and chains made from eco-friendly materials.
Also on the digitalisation front, Ramponi did not get caught unprepared. In the past it has already adapted – ISO 9001 and 45001 certified – business processes to the needs of the digital age, aware that speed of execution and efficiency play crucial roles for the development of the company. State-of-the-art machinery and IT tools thus ensure maximum speed and efficiency in design, production, marketing and general customer assistance.
Ramponi is also committed to protecting projects and products resulting from innovation and creativity both in its own interest and in the interest of customers, registering industrial property rights and taking legal action to crack down on counterfeit, both abroad and in Italy. In this sense, the recent recognition in favour of Ramponi of the forgery – carried out by a well-known competitor from Bergamo – of a stud with an innovative feature and the subject of two industrial rights by Ramponi is significant. In the face of an injunction and seizure order obtained from the Court of Brescia, and following the tests and appraisals carried out during the main lawsuit, the procedure was, in fact, concluded with a settlement agreement in favour of Ramponi, with the acknowledgment of damages and the commitment not to violate industrial property rights again.