Constant evolution to stay ahead of and improve upon lead times, products, and production methods, while increasingly satisfying customer demands. The story of Solettificio Manetti has always been one of cutting-edge ‘wearable’ evolution.  Setting the pace are founders Leonardo and Luciano Manetti: both with previous experiences in the footwear manufacturing industry, they wanted to make the most of their expertise by undertaking a new venture, and so in the Florentine municipality of Gambmanetti-natur-solassi Terme they founded a company specialised in the production of insoles for footwear. In the beginning, the production was exclusively dedicated to padded, wrapped, and sheared insoles, but soon enough, in order to satisfy market demands, they began producing technical insoles reinforced with shanks in women’s footwear. Accordingly, investments were made in cutting-edge machinery to guarantee an innovative and quality production, while the contemporary development of products was supported through a virtuous circle that has ended up becoming a present-day trademark of Manetti.


By increasingly qualifying its production over time, the company eventually specialised itself in the production of high quality products, which have gone on to conquer the market of luxury designer labels.

Today, Manetti gets ready to celebrate fifty years of activity, while always adhering to a philosophy of innovation. Moreover, the company’s founding fathers have now been joined by the second generation of Manetti: Samuele is in charge of business administration and sales, while his cousin Nico, instead, follows the development of the product, the line of models, and production.

This winning team of four individuals has capably maintained the same evolutionary level of entrepreneurial drive over the years, succeeding in proposing high quality products made from innovative materials to international markets and luxury designer labels. At the same time, its productive cycles have continued to employ the use of cutting-edge machinery, like state-of-the-art lasers, which guarantee absolute precision when cutting. These are the origmanetti-fori-laserins of the Sa-Ni insole range, which respects the health of the foot and the environment: a sustainable evolution that pre-empts the needs of the market and alternates products with exclusive patents like Sa-ni Zahogel, a natural latex with silver and antibacterial ions that leaves the shoe pleasantly scented; and Naturalsole, the preformable composite insole, with natural cellulose wood and 100% natural leather midplate that is biodegradable…

“Our traditional strength has always been innovation and expertise in production cycles and materials. – explains Samuele Manetti – These are joined by another factor critical to our success: the consultancy services we provide to customers,  who do not just purchase a simple product from us, but rather a complete service, allowing for a connection to be made between the creative and production departments during the critical phase of industrialisation. We make our experience in footwear available to them, recommending the best solution from a technical and economic standpoint”.

After years of experience with designer labels, Manetti has opened a new company branch, Manetti Sport, which develops polyurmanetti-fussbett-lastraethane and fabric insoles for sports footwear: “We are the only producers in Tuscany. – declares Samuele Manetti – With Manetti Sport, we would like to offer a complete service to designer labels during a moment when there are massive investments being made by the world of fashion in sneakers”.

This new branch of the company will once again employ the use of cutting-edge machinery in its productive cycles to create a range of products for men’s and women’s sport shoes, which includes high quality and eco-friendly footbeds. With a production capacity that fluctuates between 5-6 thousand pairs per day, through dual casting of the right and left sole together, Manetti Sport offers extremely high quality products that provide maximum enhancement to premium sneakers.

Once again, in this case, the added value of Manetti Sport is represented by its ability to create prototypes, and develop and customise products with any kind of wrapping, covering, stamping, stitching, or piercing… allowing its clientele to have a quality product with a unique identity.

Manetti, the evolution continues.