Headed by Giuseppe Aimone and his daughters, Margom spa is among the leaders in the production of rubber soles and heels, with over 60 employees and a tradition first begun in 1952, when Mario Aimone initially opened "Marchigiana Gomma" in Civitanova Marche. Today, Margom is a reality with an annual revenue of 12 million euros, mostly destined for the domestic market and especially the Marches district, even if it is present in over 15 other countries worldwide, where it generates around 20% of its revenue. Over the years, this company has moved forward by focusing on a high-quality product for a clientele that produces footwear in the mid to high-end range, developing not only its own sample collection, but also models with customised soles based on specific customer needs and demands. Always attentive to changes in the market and new trends in society, alongside its traditional production, Margom also offers sustainable products made using recycled rubber compounds coming from production discards, thereby managing to reply to the growing end customer demand for a shoe that respects the environment and mankind’s well-being. Now, more than ever before, and during a time made difficult by the pandemic and worldwide crisis, Margom can count on a quality product that has a loyal customer base, with 100 percent Made in Italy production, the support of the very best customer service, long-time experience in the sector, and great flexibility in reply to the ever-evolving needs of clientele.  The investment in innovation is constant, especially with regards to new machines, with the aim of keeping pace with changes in the market and offering an excellent product, without forgetting the importance of valuing human resources and integrated digitalisation.