In an increasingly face-paced and demanding market, the Mastrotto Group offers a series of ready-stock products in a wide variety of colors

Colors – Just in Time is a service that the Mastrotto Group, a world leader in the production of bovine hides and suede splits, makes available to customers, stylists, model makers and designers. A series of products, always ready and in stock, whose special nature and uniqueness comes from the wide range of over 350 colors.

Six collections are available to operators of the sector, including the two new entries of Seta and Adria: Vesuvio Colors (soft suede split), Orlando Colors (waxed brushable sude), Nappa Colors (half full-grain cow hide), Riva Colors (soft suede split), Seta Colors (full size nappa bovine) Adria Colors (half drummed bovine leather with pebble grain). Each of them comes in a wide range of colors ready to free the ideas and creativity of every collection in real time.

In addition to the wide range of colors, thicknesses and uses, the service provided by the Mastrotto Group is enhanced by the guarantee of excellent quality and service in every part of the world; prompt delivery with shipping in 48 hours of placing the order; the possibility to serve customers who want large quantities, even ridiculous ones; easy online consultation of the entire catalogue in the website and from there, quickly obtain the specific references.

An unrivalled service in the leather world that meets the needs of an increasingly more chaotic and confused market, which has the need, from week to week, to prepare new collections, to restock and however to respond promptly and flexibly to the demands of the consumer.