While MICAM is working on preparing a September edition that will be genuinely special, and which according to the organisers will be a “a true springboard to recovery, following the difficult period the whole sector has gone through during the health emergency”, the new MICAM 2020 ad campaign is presented. 
Entitled MICAM Wonder Garden, it is the second chapter in the #micamtales series first kicked off last year with MICAM in Wonderland. The campaign will once again feature the fairy-tale of Alice as its protagonist, who this time is at the centre of a series of curious events that take place in an enchanted garden: a tea drunk in the company of a white rabbit, a party that goes awry despite the fervid preparations, or a bizarre attempt to paint white roses red.
The campaign has once again been entrusted to the MM Company, with accounting by Laureri Associates, photos by Fabrizio Scarpa, and a three short video-stories directed by Daniele Scarpa.
While awaiting the start of MICAM Wonder Garden, which will be held from 20 to 23 September, the organisers of the event announce that they will soon present the initiatives of an edition specifically created to sustain the sector, in conjunction with what has already been done by Assocalzaturifici in these difficult months to help support sector businesses.