Michelin is one of the leading experts when it comes to contact with the ground and grip is undoubtedly one of the company’s strengths. This precious know-how has been incorporated into the Michelin Soles project, which already includes solid companies like Dolomite 1897.

The soles for the two new collections – Crodarossa Trek mid and low of the outdoor range and Move Bootie of the urban casual segment – have distinctive features such as adherence, adaptability and stability.


Ecco Exostrike which has opened a new era for the footwear sector in the outdoor urbaneering segment represents a revolution. Wear resistance, flexibility, adherence and adaptability; these are the main qualities of the model.


The Falera project by Mammut corresponds to a women’s shoe for the city and to a unique design with a sole whose main advantages are grasp, stability and grip. Lamellar dowels and micropumps are able to absorb and eliminate water, increasing grip. The progressive tread design offers greater traction from heel to toe, while the reinforcement on the heel area increases the longevity of the sole, which is inspired by the tread of the Michelin NA00 tire.