In 2019, new challenges are lying in store for Microfilm, company headquartered in Brendola,  in the heart of Vicenza’s tanning district, leader in the production of hot stamping foils and  specialized in the printing and treatment of polyester films for the finishing of hides and fabrics.  The firm attended the latest edition of Lineapelle, putting on display a wide range of innovations,  in terms of new colours and designs, that aroused the interest of industry professionals and visitors. “These are the demands of the market,” explained Rosanna Lovato, Microfilm’s foreign sales manager. “We showcased plenty of new articles, especially for the HO Paillettes range, designs and many other complementary solutions conceived to embellish hides and fabrics. As far as our production is concerned, it’s not quite accurate to say that, each year, there is a specific style in the limelight. However, lately, we have noticed an increasing demand for animalier motifs/effects such as leopards and reptiles, that have won over both the domestic and the international market, incredibly sophisticated and attentive to the latest trends.” With regard to the sales network, as it happened in 2018, there are great expectations concerning exports, whose rate is on a steady rise. “Foreign investments are proving us right, in terms of numbers and figures,” added the foreign sales manager, “even though the situation remains unstable and uncertain, due to several factors, some unrelated to the tanning industry. Asia is still the most strategic business area, especially India and Pakistan. The USA are an interesting destination, despite the concerns aroused by excise duties; when it comes to Europe, on the other hand, Spain and Portugal are the reference markets for footwear manufacturing, while Eastern nations are providing encouraging future perspectives. But we also believe in Italy, where we can rely on the positive feedback regarding our products’ quality and our constant innovations. As a matter of fact, our films are conceived to effectively meet the needs and demands of the fashion houses.”