RE-TOUCH! sums up and embodies all the most important themes for contemporary industrial production such as re-use, re-cycle, re-processing, re-digitalisation, by prioritising the action of caressing the raw material, leitmotif of Milano Unica research. Therefore, for Spring-Summer 2022 trends, the Milanese exhibition leads off precisely from wefts and warps, thread thicknesses, weights, weaves and selvedges, all define an alphabet that will form the letters of the story for next season’s trends: Nature, Urban, Digital, three interconnected visions for a new season of rebirth.


A natural triumph of micro flowers, branches, layering of vegetation, maxi petals and botanical weaves recreate soothingly elegant and beautiful atmospheres. In the background, you perceive the aesthetics of the William Morris' aesthetics and his pre-Raphaelite sensitivity for nature. Still in the wake of Morris, the founder of the Arts and Crafts movement, the importance of traditional textile arts, an exquisite heritage of “made in Italy”, combined with the search for new production methods geared towards sustainability, is a favourite in this theme. However, the research goes further to arrive at the modernity of 3D effects and digital drawings that update the foliage in surreal botanical microworlds.

The graphic cue comes from the city skyline, from buildings and skyscrapers, slender parallelepipeds soaring upwards that are transformed into variable inflections of parallel lines. It ideally starts from one of the classic fabrics taken from men’s wardrobes, pinstripes, to reach infinite representations of vertical lines. The study of stripes, baguettes, lines and stitches is connected to the re-interpretation of fabrics taken from Italian historical archives. From here, we reach an original and sophisticated processing using digital graphics, a complex and refined synthesis of new patterns is thus obtained.


This theme is inspired by the reference world of rigorous shapes and modern symmetries, where the graphic play with digitally re-processed fabrics allude to the geometries of great Italian architects, especially from the Forties and Fifties. The search for pure, essential shape without non-functional ornamentation is the basis of this theme, which proposes an elegant eclecticism between natural fibers and complex patterns.