mosshoes-img_0557 The show was held from 12 to 15 March in Moscow, in Halls 17 and 18 of the Crocus Expo, presenting buyers, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors coming from Russia and its surrounding countries, with a complete selection of products that ranged from men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes, to bags, leathers, components, accessories, and technology. “Mosshoes continues to be a success for its exclusive formula that prioritises a quality offering over a quantitative one. – comments Vladimir Krupochkin, Development Director of Mosshoes – A made-to-measure fair for businesses: with a

Vladimir Krupochkin

core business dedicated to footwear, and a segment dedicated to children, representing the largest selection in all of Russia. There is then the area dedicated to leathers and components and the Mospel bags area, which is now in its fourth edition and characterised by a constant trend of growth. At the next edition, thanks to an agreement signed with the Chinese association CCCLA, a Chinese collective will exhibit alongside Italian and Turkish producers”. So, even when faced with the current financial crisis, Mosshoes shows itself capable of responding in a proactive way, offering an even greater number of services to visitors and companies: from the trend area for shoes and accessories, to the bags trend area, a selection of logistics companies, and the conference hall that acts as a platform by allowing associations, companies, and leading figures from the sector to come together and exchange information, mosshoes-img_8523
cement partnerships, and network.

An important part of the event was dedicated to leathers and accessories for footwear/leather goods, along with technology. To better understand on-going trends in the market, we interviewed some of the Italian companies present in this area of the fair, like Sibilglobe: “Russia is a market that is absolutely worth exploring… – confirms Marco Covais – We are only at the beginning, but we strongly believe in it, and at the fair, we received important feedback. Mosshoes has shown itself to be an important bridgehead for Eastern and Central Asian markets. From the other end, the footwear industry is recovering and there are now opportunities for starting up mosshoesimg_0274
profitable partnerships. The only difficulties are represented by the long-standing problems associated with customs and logistics”. “Not only have we have participated in 7 editions of Mosshoes, but we have always been in present in the Russian market, which we met up with in the past through Rosceprom, an event that no longer exists… – is the comment of the Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani – For this reason, we decided to turn to Mosshoes, in search of new opportunities. The market’s exchange rate is not exactly easy to deal with, and then there is the financial crisis, but for companies like ours there is potential: this is why we decided to stay here. For now, our customers are mostly Russian, coming from the districts of Moscow, Rostov, Kirov and Saint Petersburg”. For New Stampi, Mosshoes represents a good promotional vehicle, even if their prices are more expensive than Chinese competitors: “We are fortunate, because our customers prefer to spend mosshoesimg_8417a little more to have a good quality product that is Made in Italy. – comment the company’s representatives – It is the fourth time we participate in this exhibition and we did well, meeting up not only with our historic customers, but also making new contacts. In other words, Mosshoes is a showcase and place for networking. It allows us to reinforce our position on the market and open ourselves up to new opportunities”. Even the German company Desma considers Mosshoes the ideal platform for interacting with the Russian market: “For us, Russia represents a good solid market, which, today, however is going through a financial crisis. – declares Witali Humann, Regional Sales Manager for the company. – As to whether or not the crisis is real or simply an explanation adopted by our customers is yet to be seen. We can say that the safety segment is not doing so well, but it is compensated by the rise in casual… and so, it’s possible to do business. Mosshoes is more a regional fair than an international one, which allows us to meet up with all the countries of the Russian-speaking area. It is more or less a fair for networking: we show our customers the company’s latest technological innovations and hope to find new contacts with whom we can cement new business relations”. Among the exhibitors were also the two historic Russian tanneries, Russkaia Kosha and Volga Tannery. “We are the largest and most important tannery in all of Russia, and one of the leading ones in Europe. – declares Babaeva Violetta, the company’s Marketing Product Development Manager – We are suppliers to Russian footwear and leather goods producers and we also exhibit in Paris and Milan. Mosshoes is a strategic fair and one of the leading events for our footwear manufacturing partners. Here, we meet up with customers who are also exhibitors at the same event”. With a catalogue of more than one thousand products, the tannery presented its SS 2020 collection. Artem Evdokimov, Deputy General Director of Volga Tannery instead states: “We can’t complain of the results of this edition, which was lively despite the rhythm that was slower than usual”. Volga Tannery was recently granted Gold Standard certification for the sustainable quality of its production: “Obtaining this acknowledgement of quality for our products and processes was important. – adds Evdokimov – The certification is a requirement that is in demand by many of the brands and leading designer labels we work with, as well as by our Japanese partners”.

The next edition of Mosshoes will take place from 10 to 13 September.