The new Spring-Summer range experiments with new innovative ideas and sustainable technologies, bringing lightness to the fabric and displaying huge respect for Mother Nature. The long-lasting, super comfortable high-tech textiles play around with the natural look but offer the functionality of synthetic materials, delight with fresh colouring and always stand for responsibly-produced textiles from Switzerland.

Natural looks, warm sand, cacti or denim shades and bio-based technologies with the zest for an active summer. Totally uncomplicated, versatile and functional: these adjectives describe the elastic, matt, light “schoeller®-dynamic” polyester quality with a linen look in shades of gold, green or blue. The comfortable, more compact “schoeller®-dryskin” double fabric in iceberg blue or sandy beige is reminiscent of linen but, thanks to its functional fibres on the inner side, surprises with outstanding moisture management. Both are finished with the sustainable “ecorepel® Bio” technology, making them waterproof and feel equally comfortable worn during outdoor activities or on the town.

Sunny yellow, fruity mandarin, pale blue and pastel pistachio radiate summer freshness and a playful airiness. Flowing, ultra-soft, highly-elastic “schoeller®-dynamic” pants and blouson qualities with a cosmetic creamy touch are ideal companions for both indoors and outdoors as well as being perfectly suited to trendy water sports. Finished with the PFC-free “ecorepel® Bio” technology, they offer natural water repellence and can be stowed away easily at any time, taking up very little space.

In addition to sustainable fabrics and technologies, a variety of multicolours delight in the summer. The highly elastic, vibrant “schoeller®-prestige” and “schoeller®-dynamic” qualities inspired by the shades of cavallino hair provide completely new effects and nuances. The colour play extends from blue, brown and grey variations to mossy khakis. This leads to exciting, ever-varying effects and colour combinations in twill fabrics. Always finished with a contrasting colour on the reverse, they are real eye-catchers for equestrian sports as well as urban and sport applications and, of course, always deliver on a high functional level.

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