Yarns, fabrics, leathers, padding, buttons, zips, rubber bands … it is estimated that in a finished product the components present may also be more than 20, each with its own environmental footprint. Designing and creating a sustainable fashion garment means evaluating materials based not only on aesthetic and functional characteristics, but also on the basis of sustainability criteria.

This is what Sara Santori, owner and CEO of Santori Pellami SpA did by developing the “Naturella” project  (biodegradable, metal free, non toxic leather) that she herself presented during the meeting “Sustainable revolution starts with fashion” , held at the Bocconi University of Milan on the occasion of the “CSR and social innovation” event of last October.

Since 2017 Naturella® has been exploring the territories of sustainability by promoting product and process innovation, to help reduce the environmental impacts of the fashion industry and improve people’s well-being.

In order to obtain an increasingly sustainable skin, Santori has managed to patent an innovative tanning process without using chrome and with a low use of toxic and allergenic heavy metals (such as cadmium, cobalt, nickel and lead), obtaining a high quality and biodegradable leather.

In collaboration with the Politecnic University of Milan, Santori obtained funding from the European Commission under the “SME Instrument”, one of the measures of the European framework programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020, presenting a project for the evaluation of the technical and economic feasibility of a “zero km” business model for the production of Naturella® in Italy and other European countries.

Finally, Santori is a contributor for the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) programme and collaborates with the Politecnic University of Milan to research new materials starting from the recovery of production waste.

Sara Santori speaking at “La rivoluzione sostenibile parte dalla moda”