Davos is an integral part of the new economic-production system, capable of providing self-sustainability over time, and which is therefore, by definition, connected to the concept of Circular Economy. For this season it does not present a real collection of products and colours, outlining instead a proposal on five fundamental areas. To date, it is about to complete THUNIT GREEN, a RECYCLING line characterised by a recycling rate of over 50%, thanks to a careful organisation gathering scraps and powders generated by the various production phases. Furthermore, the company is pursuing the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) which provides for the release of an environmental declaration verified by a third party that proves both the content of recycled materials on a specific product (Thunit, as a matter of fact) and compliance with environmental criteria and in all parts of the production chain. DAVOS aims to promote the reduction of the consumption of resources (virgin raw materials, water and energy) increasing the quality of recycled products. In fact, THUNIT GREEN, processed with the most interesting water-based finishes, will represent the strong point of the DAVOS proposal, aimed at all customers who request it, such as and in synergy with large brands and fashion houses that will be the driving force of this type of product.
DAVOS has recently renewed UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 thanks to which, with the control of production processes, it aims at full customer satisfaction and at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of results. Finally, the path has already started (interrupted by the pandemic), to achieve the ISO 14001:2015 Certification – Environmental management: respect for the environment is an increasingly topical and pressing issue. The direction is aimed at the implementation of eco-sustainable performances, contributing to the protection of the environment through the prevention of pollution and the reduction of waste and energy consumption.
The OXKEY project, instead, is still “work in progress”, but almost in the home stretch. It is the creation of a rubber-based material, which appears the same as leather, not just aesthetically but also in the compound. It is a highly performing product (the company is currently working on improving its mechanical-physical features), which will be presented on the market at the beginning of 2021, with the best trendy paint finishes already noted by the trendiest brands.
Davos has also seen that the realisation of light, flexible and trendy rubber treads, combined with a wedge in Expanded Eva, can be very attractive for the footwear market.
In addition to a series of innovations that complete the already existing ranges (such as VERA AMBRA, LASER AURORA CIPRIA, PROFILE BORDEAUX, CARBON, and ASFALTO), DAVOS aims to synergically create novelties on precise customer requests, both in terms of type of painting and finishing. This fact is the result of the particular relationship of close collaboration that is established between DAVOS and its customers, characterised by a continuous exchange of information that stimulates improvement and a continuous search for the highest quality.

LUXOR  PINK  finishing on  THUNIT  GREEN  base
LUXOR  PINK  finishing on  THUNIT  GREEN  base