In the evolutionary processes that combine digitisation and robotisation, the Atom group companies presented all the production stages of the footwear process with a detail on the latest innovations in the field of innovative systems for the creation of 3D and 2D footwear models, cutting-edge systems of cutting, injection moulding technology and automation with customised solutions for every production requirement, and assembly of the shoe with highly specialised know-how.
Here are some examples of the technologies proposed by the various souls of the group.

Atom FlashCut system Fashion 31 B All-in-One, the largest work surface of the Atom range. To acquire, nest and cut automatically in continuous cycle for any size of leathers. It has a peculiar feature: the speed of the blades, unique in its kind in terms of yield and efficiency.

RAMS (Robot Assisted Manufacturing System) by ATOM MB, instead, is a modular system for the processing of footwear that integrates machines specialised in production operations and anthropomorphic robots for the handling of footwear between one operation and the next one. The system has been designed to offer the best in terms of flexibility, using the available operating technology at its best and eliminating low value-added operations.

Shoemaster released the new Shoemaster® CADCAM platform version 19. Integration and interoperability are the keywords, with the addition of 22 new features. This version focuses on the world of product industrialisation, with many new automatic features: from piece auto-digitising, down to the automatic consumption calculation for multiple types of materials.

ROBOSHOE is the innovation proposed by Atom Lab: an innovative ultra compact cell for the assembly of strobel footwear through the following process: positioning of the upper components on last and sole, glueing bottom and sides, sole gripping, sole to the shoe application, shoe removal, press positioning, pressing, removal from the press and final deposition.
It consists of the following technological modules: bottom and side glueing station with UR3 robot and extruder, sole picking station with vision system, UR5 manipulation robot with adaptive gripper with multi-socket membrane press and deposition station.