The Marche-based New Step, a company that has long since embarked on the path of sustainability that leads it to be almost zero-impact, is engaged in constant research aimed at eliminating non-toxic, polluting and flammable components, using water-based products instead. Today its range of products, based on the use of organic polyurethanes and highly ecological fabrics, with related eco-sustainability certifications, which are continuously updated to guarantee increasingly cutting-edge products from all points of view, is expanding to include a new line of products moving forward on sustainability.

“In collaboration with the company from which we buy the raw materials, we created a new polyurethane with a high percentage of biological origin giving life to an eco-sustainable product with minimal environmental impact – the company says – Applying it to our insoles allows us to propose a product that offers important sustainability-linked guarantees to a market increasingly aware and attentive to environmental issues”.

The images reproduced here feature two flagship items of the new selection: insoles with organic polyurethane, natural leather wrapping, eco-top fabrics and recycled footbed thermoformed with ecological leathers and fabrics.

Present on the market since 2007, New Step thus continues to be a reference point for the market thanks to its constant research, innovation and professionalism. Its products, made with patented customised materials, have important characteristics: they are comfortable, hygienic, anti-shock, antibacterial, anti-mould, washable and breathable. They can be coupled with all kinds of leathers and fabrics. And they can be adapted in order to meet all aesthetic and comfort needs.