The latest proposal in the wide range of Carvico technical-elasticised and eco-sustainable fabrics is Norway, which candidates itself as the perfect solution for winter sports.

Made from Econyl®, 100% regenerated nylon from pre and post-consumer discards like fishing nets, carpet fluff, and rigid tulle, Norway is characterised by an exquisite gauzed effect, is pleasurable to the touch and extremely comfortable when it comes into contact with the skin. Its technical features make it especially suited to winter sports: it is breathable, while ensuring the right heat exchange occurs between the body and the external environment, and is fast-drying, preventing sweat and moisture from remaining on the skin. Its anti-bacteria treatment prevents bad smells and possible irritation and it offers excellent thermal insulation and protection from extremely cold temperatures as well as UV protection (UPF 50+). Ultra-resistant, Norway is also a fabric destined to last over time, with pilling and abrasion resistance.