Today it is possible to revolutionize running performance, improve technique, and reduce the risk of injury thanks to NURVV Run, smart insoles that can be inserted into your very own running shoes. Their advanced technology is based on 32 precision sensors that collect biometric data with each stride taken and two trackers that monitor every phase of the run providing unique insights in real-time. In combination with the app, NURVV allows you to experience tailored training and live coaching.

“This new approach tells you everything you need to know about your running: – explains Dr. Trewartha, Head of NURVV Biomechanics – By understanding exactly how your body moves we can offer insights and live-in run coaching to help you improve.”

NURVV insoles are easy to wear and impossible to feel when inserted under your running insoles, thanks to their ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight properties. Once the two lightweight trackers are clipped onto the outside of the shoes, you are ready to begin a revolutionary running experience.

The NURVV app (Android and iPhone compatible) provides support to the runner before, during, and after the run, indicating how it is possible to improve with tailored coaching advice: it teaches you to run at a pre-established cadence and beat personal records, it proposes personalized training on cadence and technique, and it manages the training load and helps to reduce injury and improve health, while offering live-in coaching. In the Run tab of the app it is possible to select the kind of training (indoor and outdoor) and manage custom workouts to improve in select areas. The History tab allows you to view a GPS plot of the run, distance, time, average pace, cadence, step length, pronation, footstrike, training load, and calories burned… Finally, the Health tab shows a graphic of your running health with quadrants for training load, pronation, cadence, and balance, while providing information on how to improve your health.