olona-2_lowCoarse fabric, well-conceived and extremely resistant, with a full-proof weave: Olona Canvas has been used over the last few centuries in the nautical field for sails, sacks, boat awnings, and the hammocks of sailors. To this day, the sails of historic ships, like the Amerigo Vespucci, are made using this material. However, the introduction onto the world of fashion is fruit of the entrepreneurial intuition of people like Amedeo Segre, who already after World War II understood the extraordinary opportunities that this fabric could also offer the worlds of footwear and leather goods. Accordingly, he made the most if its special properties, developing specific production lines in his family-owned company of Segre & Schieppati.
Seventy years and three generations later, the Segre & Schieppati brand, its history, archives, and expertise have now been granted under license to Tessitura Attilio Imperiali, which is known for its production of high-range silk fabrics that includes the widely acclaimed Raso Imperiali.

Moving forward with the tradition of the brand is the fourth generation represented by Federica Belli Paci, nephew of Amedeo Segre:

The story of Segre & Schieppati first began in 1897, the founding year of the company, when my great grandfather began producing linen and cotton canvas, the famous Olona Canvas. – explains Federica – One generation later, my uncle Amedeo, a true pioneer in the world of fashion, saw the increasing popularity of Genoa fabric, which today around the world is known as ‘jeans’, and understood the potential of Olona Canvas. Thus, he strived to open up an entire market of footwear and leather goods for this material. It’s an extraordinary product: resistant to abrasion, snagging, and stress… today it has become a great classic. Segre & Schieppati Olona Canvas is an immediately recognisable and very versatile product, which can be interpreted in a thousand different ways: printed, plastic-coated, bonded, stone-washed, colour-washed, lasered, padded, or perforated… we also have created a version that celebrates and unites the world of Attilio Imperiali with that of Segre & Schieppati, a fabric that bonds Olona Canvas with Raso Imperiali, giving life to an extraordinary double-face product that is suited to fold-overs, sandals, and fraying on cotton or silk…


The technical characteristics of Olona Canvas and silk make this material especially suited to sporty footwear: both with its natural and coarse appeal, as well as in more elaborate versions with special workmanship. Moreover, the experimentation of these techniques has recently give life to a version specifically dedicated to the sports world, Olona rubber-coated canvas: sporty, yet elegant, with rubber-coatings in a wide range of colours, it comes available both in a glossy and matte version, which today is extremely popular.

olona3An important turning point for the worlds of fashion and sports is represented by the fact that Olona Canvas is made of 100% cotton, a natural fibre that accordingly offers guarantees of safety and well-being for the foot, as well as sustainability. Moreover, the entire supply chain of products branded Segre & Schieppati, including Olona Canvas, is exclusively Made in Italy: a further guarantee of quality and prestige for the range. These characteristics have allowed Segre & Schieppati Olona Canvas to position itself among the market’s leading products both in Italy and abroad.