pro-stormIts yarn with polyester core, covered in polyurethane, increases resistance to abrasion, with direct weaving into the polyamide fabric, giving the new PRO STORM by Omnipel Technologies a high toughness and strength.

Its performance far exceeds what has been seen on the market so far. An excellent fabric, in fact, resists an average of 51 cycles, while PRO STORM can reach up to 1 million cycles.

Other example: Cordura® 1000 has a resistance of 600 Martindale revolutions (tested according to UNI EN 388 standards), while PRO STORM is six times more resistant.

Unlike other high-resistance fabrics available on the market, PRO STORM has no problems during the stitching phase (the needle does not break and the seam is not forced to zigzag).

It does not pill in the bending points, since the yarn is interwoven into the fabric and is not applied, and it also has an extremely high quality warp.