Roberto Vago

How can we figure out objectives and the not easy situation of the sector?
“Although the Italian national market has given signals of support to our sector, the impossibility to visit customers and operators in the sector, if not attending virtual meetings that do not always correspond to the various needs, did not provide a successful order collection. The Covid pandemic has, in fact, made it impossible to travel between countries preventing us, from planning and carrying out tests, so that many deliveries had to be postponed. For our type of machines, strongly conditioned by the investments of the downstream manufacturing sectors, and consequently by the consumption dynamics of the end product, interventions decided on the manufacturing sector, which could have a spill-over impact on our sector, are strategic to us.Much will depend on how they decide to use the NextGenerationEU funds and the Green Deal plan”.

What contacts and economic/political initiatives do you have and/or are you activating to face the profound international crisis?
“Assomac, doesn’t just sit there: alongside operational activities, we are working with the Italian fashion supply chain, within the Confindustria system. The awareness that ‘united, we all win’ is growing stronger. We hope to very soon develop some very operational and pragmatic system actions for Assomac’s member companies.At international level, we are working hard so that the consolidated and long-standing historical relationships that we have with trade associations in all the countries where our members work, can be of support in this complicated moment and act as a driving force to obtain preference over the international competition. In this sense we are acting in partnership with the ITA Agency, through our Desk in Rome and thanks to the collaboration with the ITA offices in foreign countries.The numerous government initiatives, from the ‘Pact for Export’ to the Made in Italy promotion system, are valuable tools to be intercepted and implemented. The Association is also heavily investing thanks to its Study Centre, to provide Members with an orientation that can act as a guide in these times of uncertainty, without pretending to ‘teach how to be an entrepreneur’, but only to suggest a reading method of what is happening in the world, supporting members with qualitative research and statistical analyses”.

ASSOMAC – The General Board

The ASSOMAC General Board which works closely with the Presidency Board composed of the President Maria Vittoria Brustia, and the Vice Presidents Cristiano Paccagnella and Mauro Bergozza.

Maria Vittoria Brustia
Mauro Bergozza
Cristiano Paccagnella
Stefano Carlotto – Officine di Cartigliano
Sabina Bagini – Sabal
Moreno Ceretta – Spraytech
Michele Bini – Camoga
Michela Musi – Tecno 2
Mauro Pellizzari – Gemata
Massimo Pollini – Sagitta
Massimo Mostura – Main Group
Massimo Angelri – Angeleri
Mario Serrini – Italprogetti
Marco Cucchetti – Ormac
Irene Bianchi – Gus-bi
Giulio Tandura – Mosconi
Giovanni Gaia – ATOM
Giorgio Giambra – Studio Giambra
Gabriella Marchioni Bocca – Lamebo
Francesco Turini – Gozzini 1906 – Turini Group
Francesco Cottino – Elettrotecnica BC
Fabio Gecchele – Revomec
Cesare Dal Monte – Ger Elettronica
Carlo Galli – Galli
Antonio Galiotto – Erretre
Antonio Antoniazzi – Equitan
Anna Elena Mercalli – Cerim
Alberto Merlo – F.lli AlbertI
Alberto Campinoti – GBL