Luxury, elegance, and sophisticated aesthetic sensibility are the hallmarks of the products proposed by Antonio Barbato Maestri Veneziani, brand and producer of women’s footwear and bags bearing the name of founder Antonio Barbato. The second-generation company, now managed by his children Andrea, Ugo and Cristiana, today offers the same luxury Women’s product revamped however in a more modern key. A Woman who loves and is on the lookout for a refined, elegant, and urban mood, and who prefers supple footwear that guarantees a constant comfort that extends from work time and continues through leisure time.
Every pair of these entirely Made in Italy shoes has a story behind it, which speaks of its way of being and of the way in which it was conceived and constructed thanks to the passion and enthusiasm that animate the hands of the artisans behind them. All this allows Barbato to constantly update its range of products with solutions that consider the new desires it perceives around it. The care taken with the choice in the leathers and materials used, the attentive search for innovative solutions and the multiple years of experience in artisanal footwear production, transform the creations of Barbato into footwear that manages to make headway and stand out on national and international markets, thanks to carefully selected distribution channels, including the digital one,
The Barbato Woman is at the centre of the e-commerce project. Today, numerous resources are used to manage the requests received online, where the professionalism of artisans, rapid delivery, and the ability to offer customised solutions for each and every need of the customer are fundamental elements characterising the digital project of the brand. Antonio Barbato Maestri Veneziani has its headquarters in Fiesso d'Artico, along the Riviera del Brenta, in a town located between Padua, La Dotta, and the Doges of Venice. Every season, it participates in international fairs, including those in Milan, Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, Munich, and Dusseldorf, increasing the visibility of its collections in markets around the world. Additionally, some of the most renowned luxury fashion brands in the world entrust part of the design and production process of their footwear to Barbato. Antonio Barbato Maestri Veneziani has set its sights on the future, with a long-term vision that will be increasingly characterised by quality, innovation, and originality.