The U.S. company, who provides the comfort from the inside out to many many footwear brands, explains its strategy.

What is OrthoLite exactly? And why are your products different from any other insole manufactures?
«OrthoLite is the secret inside and leading provider of comfort insoles because our insoles allow shoe brands to create functional and comfortable footwear. OrthoLite insoles can be found in more than 400 million pairs of shoes each year from more than 200 shoe brands including Nike, Asics, New Balance, Clarks and Michael Kors.  With 70% market share in the open cell foam category, our cutting-edge insole technology keeps shoes cooler, drier and healthier, while offering superior comfort and performance.
We provide customized superior comfort technology for each of our brand partners that help them to elevate their products’ comfort and performance and ultimately drive retail sell-through. Our insoles are the secret to creating brand fans, bringing consumers back for more pairs of shoes time and time again».

OrthoLite is quite known in the United States. Do you have any plan of business development in Europe or in the world?
«OrthoLite is a vertically integrated, global brand with an extensive portfolio, including leading international brands like adidas, Clarks, Lacoste and Geox. OrthoLite operates sales offices in the United States, Europe, Vietnam, China and Indonesia, wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea and a research and development center in China.  OrthoLite is always looking to expand its global reach and has plans to increase manufacturing capabilities in China and Vietnam in the near future».

Comfort and performance of OrthoLite insoles and linings make your products perfectly suitable for comfort and athletic shoes. What about elegant/formal shoes?
«We are already in many formal and business shoes – consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style, and that is why major fashion brands including Michael Kors, Steve Madden, Cole Haan and Kenneth Cole rely on OrthoLite technology. Even the most fashionable shoes need to perform therefore we collaborate with each footwear brand and customize our insole formulation to fit our brand partners’ specific needs for their dress shoes. For example, our Impressions foam compresses to take the shape of the foot over time to create a customized, comfortable fit through the use of slow recovery foam that is made with 50% bio-oil content».


What is the Secret Inside?
«Brands trust OrthoLite to help them not only make that first sale, but to help drive a repeat customer who won’t sacrifice comfort or performance. This relationship is what we deem the secret inside. Our new brand campaign highlights the key features and benefits focused on reducing environmental impact, as well as the breathability, comfort, style and rebound of our insoles».

Are you working on any particular project at the moment?
«We’ve recently hired Skip Lei as the Vice President of Innovation, a 31-year Nike veteran who is charged with driving continuous innovation by developing new products using our proprietary formulations to deliver custom solutions to our customers. OrthoLite has many innovative products and application in the pipeline, including the recent launch of a new application called Super Sipe. This application was developed to magnify the natural flex of a shoe with every step. Super Sipe can be used in all footwear categories – performance, dress casual, outdoor, casual and more.  OrthoLite has a patent pending on molded sipe blades».

Which are your sustainable products? 
«Outside of OrthoLite’s commitment to sustainable business practices, we also offer EcoOrthoLite and EcoPlush formulations, which utilizes an eco-friendly castor oil. Castor oil is a non-food plant source that demonstrates significant ecological advantages in terms of energy and resource consumption. We also use a closed-loop water system, air purification systems and solar panels at our facilities. As far as transportation is concerned, OrthoLite uses stone paper bags for transporting individual insoles and institutes a reusable blue box program, where shipments are sent in bins that are returned to the sender and used repeatedly to reduce unnecessary waste».