“The daily that informs preserves us from an everyday life that disturbs.”

Daniel Pennac’s summary concerning the usefulness and service to our lives and work that information can unfold, accurately reflects the commitment that we thought we had to carry on in these very complicated months.
We thus further perfected digital investments that allowed us, on the one hand, to work safely from home and, on the other, to allow readers to easier access information via mobile phone, tablet or on the website.

Many initiatives have been put in place… and the results were not long in coming: compared to the first 5 months of last year, our online readers (who have browsed and read, not just fleetingly viewed the magazines) have almost doubled, passing from 6 thousand to about 11.5 thousand.

Not to mention the newsletters. We have sent your business stories, news and photographic shootings to more than 40,000 recipients, strictly in target with our reference sectors.
Thanks to the constant work on our database, built and profiled in many years of experience, we have achieved extraordinary opening rates: an average of 15%. The interaction rates and, therefore, the expressions of interest reached 6,300 clicks on the total number of campaigns sent. A result that once again confirms the goodness of our newsletter channel for companies in the sector.

We of course have not forgotten about our partners, about all the companies that invest in us to communicate with the sector. About the supply chain and the producers who are currently experiencing one of the most difficult moments in their entrepreneurial history.
We thought to give them even more visibility by placing them in the foreground on the pages of the website where you start browsing through the issue.

Finally, we wanted to continue giving voice to the entire sector of fashion accessories even at a time when everything seemed stuck and stagnant, using new, faster and more immediate formulations.
Thus the creation of the #ComeState [#Howareyou] initiative, a series of videos shot in collaboration with entrepreneurs or representatives of associations.
The success has been incredible if you think that there have been more than 7,000 views.

The greatest satisfaction for us is knowing that thanks to the trust of both readers and operators in the field, in these difficult months we have managed to better inform the world of fashion accessories which, today more than ever, needs to feel united to overcome the countless difficulties ahead.