Lights and shadows on the historic capital of footwear in the Sixties, between the golden years and the beginning of its long rise to success. This is the basis for “Vigevano during the Boom. Shoes, benzol, and other stories” written by two journalists (Filippo Caserio, author of various books and monographs based on local history, and Alessandra Ceriani), published by the Astrolabio Cultural Association and by the Punto & Virgola publishing house in Vigevano with the contribution of the Foundation of Piacenza and Vigevano and the sponsorship of the City of Vigevano

October 27, 2021

UNIC – Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria

Lineapelle restarts with a bang

Over 11,000 visitors coming from more than 70 countries confirm that the event dedicated to leather, materials and components desigend for the fashion, accessory, design and automotive manufacturing industry is The Best Place to Be

Fruit of the meeting between French style and Italian craftsmanship, the sneakers of the brand named after its Syrian designer, are characterised by a minimal allure, sophisticated techniques of overlapping materials, and the unique possibility of customisation for a luxury style

October 25, 2021

Inspiration arrives from pop art for the new summer 22 collection of the Made in Italy brand: aimed at both men and women, the focus is on the chromatic combination of white and black with strong and bright colours, pastel and metallic tones

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