20190517_122910Despite the long experience in the production of insoles for women’s, men’s and children’s shoes, SOL.E.A’s enthusiasm and passion for its work and, above all, the continuous search for innovative, natural and customisable materials to respond to customer needs remains intact. Availability and dedication to the customer, timeliness and speed in delivery and the use of certified and original products are the strengths of the Sant’ Elpidio based plant. A company philosophy that guarantees the customer a Made in Italy product. The entire production cycle carried out and followed within the plant and the annual production of 3 million pairs, identifies SOL.E.A as one of the largest realities in the footwear district.

The main activity focuses on the production of insoles for the assembly of footwear for men, women and children. Insoles are made with innovative processing techniques, with the use of materials, memory and/or antibacterial foams, latex combined with fibrates, synthetics and vulcanised fibres.

The latest creation is a gel-based foam with ultra-performing features. A foam gel with open cells, with natural latex in aqueous dispersion. It is breathable and super elastic. It is a high quality material that offers a great elastic yield for superior comfort even in very heavy applications.

20190517_120248To produce its insoles SOL.E.A also uses natural and environmentally friendly materials. In fact, looking to the future and with a keen eye for the well-being of the planet, the company is studying a totally biodegradable and recyclable insole. An insole with 100% cardboard based cotton fibres and exceptional fibrates, which pay particular attention to the use of adhesives. This  next-generation, fully organic cardboard allows you to replace the steel sheet, which is difficult to dispose of. By the carried out tests and certificates it is resistant and compact and with exceptional performance. A novelty composed of 100% pure water-based cellulose, without the presence of dyes or other chemical substances.
The machines used to produce the insoles are also of high quality and innovative: cad-cam cutting technologies, for example, which guarantee the customer a precise and valuable product.
Or the new machine for the processing of lasered insoles that allows you to obtain new types of processing that are increasingly in line with market demands.