At a little more than a year since its presentation, PLUS2 technology for direct injection onto the upper of the soles in three different densities or materials is enjoying extremely positive results. Its numbers are on the rise and, by the end of 2019, nine new machines will be delivered to customers using this new technology.
Thanks to its innovative “double-ring” system, PLUS2 allows for the production of soles in 3 different densities/materials, signifying a revolution for direct injection onto upper machines, which for numerous decades had remained unvaried in the product types that could be produced.
Double-ring production systems have existed for some time now, but up until now, those that were available on the market heavily penalised the productivity of the machines themselves, reducing it by almost 50%, thereby making them suitable only for the production of items with a considerable market value.
With “PLUS2” technology, instead, there is the possibility of producing traditional footwear with PUPU soles and, at the same time, also more sophisticated items with three-density soles, while maintaining unvaried the rhythms of the production cycle and its output.
Designers and technical offices immediately understood the potential of this innovation, which allows them greater designer freedom in developing original and customisable items, from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint.
Today, STEMMA proposes the PLUS2 on all its FORMULA machines that are automatically created for compatibility with double-ring systems. In this way, the customer can decide whether or not to purchase it immediately, together with the machine, or to upgrade it later on, without having to make structural changes to the pre-existing structure.
Not only is FORMULA a machine that satisfies current productive needs, it is also ready to reply to future production demands by the market.