Sustainability and technology are two key subjects around which the Première Vision Group has been positioning itself for several years now, as to support the creative fashion industry as it evolves. As early as 2015, it launched the Smart Creation study and information platform to promote its exhibitors’ responsible approaches and showcase a new generation of values. This platform can be found online on the Première Vision website, and has long had a dedicated space, the Smart Creation Area, at the September editions of Première Vision Paris. At the same time, the Wearable Lab, launched in 2017 at the February editions, explored innovations driven by the advent of new technologies and digitalization to promote connected and intelligent fashion. Merging these two spaces creates a new universe designed to introduce eco-responsible and technological innovations that are already industrially developed and ready to be used in the fashion of today and tomorrow.
Starting this February, the Smart Creation Area – dedicated to responsible creation previously only held at the September show – will now be featured at each edition and will for the first time include the most innovative exhibitors in terms of technological developments. This is a strong and fundamental development to meet the needs of the international fashion sector’s players, industrial exhibitors and fashion and accessory brands alike. Within the Smart Creation Area, Première Vision will present the most committed, inspiring and even visionary companies in the sector: 54 exhibitors including 43 featuring eco-responsible products (36 Smart Materials and 7 Smart Services – 1 third being newcomers) and 11 fashion tech exhibitors (including 3 new ones). This responsible approach starts right from the so-called creation phase, as 80% of a product’s environmental impact is determined in its design stage, all sectors of creative fashion are thus concerned. And because innovative players are also located in other areas of the show, Première Vision Paris is offering an index of 160 exhibitors identified as having an exemplary responsible approach by the Première Vision teams – the result of in-depth analysis over the last few years.
Première Vision Paris will take place from next February 11th to 13th at Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition grounds.