The first Arsutoria issue dates back to 1947 and on its cover dominated a Roman sandal which, today, makes the magazine appear even more ‘ancient’ (if you are curious you can consult that wonderful issue and all our archive here).

Seventy-three years and 448 issues later on the cover is written the hashtag #ComeState (Howareyou) our initiative to keep the sector going in such a difficult historical moment.
And seventy-three years later we made the entire issue by completely working remotely. For the first time in the history of Arsutoria.
In the first post-war period I don’t know how many could have imagined that one day it would have been possible to make a magazine by bringing about ten people to work and collaborate from home. Today it has happened thanks to the use of a cutting-edge technology and IT system, in which the editor has long believed, and the organisation and goodwill of journalists, graphic designers, printers, salespeople and representatives all over the world.

Are we too proud? Maybe, but it is a healthy pride, which brings us closer to all the companies we have been working with for years and that, in one of the most difficult moments in our history, have no intention of giving up. It is the pride of those who want to overcome the pandemic and find themselves standing, proud of never having stopped, of not being discouraged.

We are always here, next to friends who choose us to communicate their news and next to those who read us to find out what the future holds for them. We wish you a happy reading!

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Many thank to all the associations that have promoted our magazines and the #ComeState project:
Fédération Française de la Chaussure à Élysée
AICC – Associazione Italiana Chimici del Cuoio