This new specialty yarn joins the successful Q-NOVA® fibre, already a flagship product of the company based in Castel Goffredo (Mantova), and together they have inspired the creation of a new “family” of yarns. In recent years, the company’s investments in R&D has grown steadily and its success is also due to its strong commitment to environmental issues, implemented through projects and initiatives involving the entire production process. Fulgar is present in all textile sectors – from hosiery to circular knitwear, from corsetry to sportswear – with products of excellence that stand out on the market for their quality and uniqueness while upholding the tradition of Italian-made textiles. Launched in 2013, Q-NOVA® by Fulgar is 100% Made in Italy. It consists of a polyamide made using raw materials regenerated through a mechanical, non-chemical process that makes the entire production cycle more sustainable, allowing to reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption (PEF analysis). This virtuous yarn is further enhanced in the stretch version by combining it with LYCRA® EcoMade recycled elastomer, which has also been awarded the Global Recycled Standard certification for environmentally friendly-fabrics and garments.
The new Q-NOVA® PURE BLACK is enriched by a black pigment melted into the core of the yarn. It binds permanently to the polyamide which is made from a mix of virgin and recycled materials. This enables creating black fabrics with a single-colour intensity and solidity that do not fade, not even after frequent washing, and that fully meet the requirements of the OEKOTEX® STD CLASS I STD 100 Appendix 6 certification.
The association with the LYCRA® BLACK origin elastomer further reduces the impact of the fabric production and enables eliminating the elastomer’s glittery effect. The advantages? A simplification of the dyeing process combined with total absence of the use of black dye with consequent reduction in water use, energy consumption and waste, as well as maximum safety and protection for the final consumer. The improved polymer formula of the Q-NOVA® and Q-NOVA® PURE BLACK yarns allows responding even more effectively to the achievement of zero waste. This new formula maximises waste reduction and optimises all the processes, not only in the production of the yarn but also in the fabrics and finished garments.
The company’s ability to make its production processes more sustainable means that Q-NOVA® PURE BLACK has also gained numerous ‘green’ certificates, including the Global Recycled Standard (GRS 2015-005 certified by ICEA). “The eco-sustainability of the yarns and the non-toxicity of the dyes are key drivers in consumer choice,” says Alan Garosi, Marketing Manager at Fulgar. “So for us, it’s increasingly important to take an eco-design approach in the context of the supply chain which can also include other companies with the aim of further promoting sustainability parameters that can be measured and implemented with controlled and optimised processes.”