Silvia Paganini, sales and marketing manager
Silvia Paganini, sales and marketing manager

“Our daily actions draw strength from roots anchored in the land of a story of ingenuity, sacrifice and far-sightedness”. These are the values behind an entrepreneurial adventure that has been lasting for 60 years. A declaration of intent in which tradition and innovation perfectly coexist, a reliable mirror of what today Tacchificio Villa Cortese (TVC) represents.
The current generational handover, in which the Lombard company is involved, has been managed with acumen and courage and has produced evolution and innovation. The undertaken initiatives are countless, starting from the renewal of the corporate image and internal organisation. Silvia Paganini, sales and marketing manager, talks about it.

In October 2018 we will open a technical office in Tuscany, a real prototyping studio at the Showmates B2B showroom ( where TVC has been present since 2017. In a unique environment designers will have available leathers and moulds and will be able to design their heel thanks to the support of a TVC technician, who is always present and ready to create prototypes in 3D printing. The idea is to provide the territory with a very fast service compared to the entire design phase.

28872566_2037092876306432_6564040634296051499_n-2Is this the only novelty in the pipeline?
“No, in October also the production plant for lacquering and special surface treatments on TVC articles will start operating. An initiative that will guarantee our customers a further improvement in the quality of the finished heel, in addition to even faster and more certain schedule. Our main objective is to follow the entire production cycle, from design to the finished heel, checking each step of the supply chain. Today we can do it thanks to the company branch that we have implemented in these years, starting from the opening of Teknostampi in 2010”.

Many companies in the sector have benefited from the advantages of Industry 4.0. How did you move into this direction?
“We have chosen to invest in a global project and not in spot initiatives to address the challenges of 4.0. We have included robotics within the production processes, so as to ensure a standardisation of the quality even for the most complex productions, such as that of the stiletto heel with steel pin. But innovation does not stop there, given that by the end of the year we want to equip ourselves with an internal Research & Development department.

_mg_4927We are preparing the process in collaboration with the MUSAM-Lab of the IMT School for Advanced Studies in Lucca with the aim of enhancing and implementing the know-how to improve production by investigating, with a scientific approach, alternative solutions to materials and processes”.

Many initiatives to manage…
“We have an arrival point in mind: becoming an Innovative SME (that is, according to the Ministry of Economic Development, a company that operates in the field of technological innovation, ed.)”.

_mg_4906Let’s take a step back. What about the historic wood department?
“We have been thinking it over. The wood is back in vogue also for large productions, thanks to its reduced cost (no need for moulds), the versatility of the material and its sustainability. We have replaced the 15 machines traditionally used to make a wooden heel with a single automated work centre”.

About sustainability. It has been a long time since you have taken steps to this effect…
“We have always been very sensitive to the problem: we installed the photovoltaic system (upgraded on the occasion of the company’s expansion) and the geothermal one already ten years ago”.

img_9595matteo_mezzalira__lowWhat was the most original initiative that you of the younger entrepreneurial generation have made?
“A marked sensitivity towards the formation of human capital. We have promoted the launch of internal courses to align the entire work group with vision, mission and corporate values. A path also undertaken as a management group, in fact we follow a coaching path aimed at managing the generational handover and making the understanding between the different souls of the company more and more firm”.

Training is at the centre of your company philosophy, also considering your role and commitment at the headquarters of Confidustria
“Yes, we really care about this subject. In particular we want to contribute to create awareness about the professions of the territory and of the Made in Italy in a broad sense and promote young talents. Therefore we have joined with enthusiasm the initiatives related to the professional training courses launched this year in the area and related to the collaboration with ARSUTORIA school by hosting the guys in our company to explain how to create a heel and how to work in a heel factory. Hence we really like the idea of being able to create heels that the ARSUTORIA students have designed in view of the fashion show at the end of October during the Fashion Graduate Italy”.

Second & third generation at the head of TVC