Ever-present in the Italbraid offering is meticulous attention to raw materials, constant research on originality and a focus on innovation. These characteristics have allowed the company from Barletta to experience constant growth, arriving at a daily production that exceeds 150 thousand pairs of laces and 50 thousand metres of ribbon a day.

Spread out over an area of 5 thousand square metres, the company’s productive facilities host cutting-edge production departments, where highly qualified personnel is employed, along with an extremely quick sampling department capable of developing avant-garde prototypes in line with the latest fashion trends and ready to reply to the needs of international clientele, with solutions that are also customised. The sales department manages communications with Italian and foreign clientele, providing support to customers during each phase of the product’s development, which starts from the idea and ends with the delivery.

Today, alongside ribbons and laces, Italbraid has reintroduced the production of braids and ropes, which are producitalbraided in their own separate department, while maintaining the same standards of quality and the same pursuit of excellence in materials and originality in the products’ style as always.

Over the years, the experience acquired by the brand, along with the introduction of technical and high performance fibres, have allowSELLO7ed Italbraid to develop a proposal dedicated also to the safety sector, with products that comply with and adhere to European safety standards, thus completing the range of products.

Next to a production par excellence with a consistent level of quality, Italbraid also offers rapid delivery services and the possibility of developing a vast range of personalised products. A complete proposal that has allowed the company from Barletta to grow and expand in Italy and in international markets, with an attentive and ever-present sales network. The brand’s offering is renewed also at the main sector trade fairs of reference, which include Lineapelle in Milan and Futurmoda in Spain, where customers finds the entire administrative, sales, and technical team of the company at their complete disposal.