thumb_img_3705_1024For Ramponi, the sport & outdoor world is one of the main targets of the short-term growth strategy. A market slice that the company wants to continue to control thanks to its sales network, but also to strengthen relations with partner companies operating in the sector.

The offer of our products is very wide and differentiated – underlines Alfredo Ramponi. The technical characteristic that makes our studs particularly suitable for the world of sportswear is definitely the resistance to tearing. In fact, they are CECAP certified, guaranteeing a tear strength of between 5 and 18 kg, where industry standards are around 3 kg. Creativity, therefore, but also quality.

The new trends see an evolution of the sports shoe towards a dual direction: one in which the application of new technologies is aimed at strengthening its performance; the other that transforms shoes into ever more personalised accessories.

“Today the sports shoe is very sophisticated, an accessory that represents its personality – continues Ramponi. One of the largest producers in the world, for example, offers the possibility to customise your shoe online: colours, finishes, initials, allow anyone to express their taste, their personality even in contexts where, once,  only the search for comfort was the one dictating market rules.

Moreover, at this moment, studs, like crystals, represent one of the main trends embraced by fashion houses. Valentino, our customer, was among the first to interpret this trend customizing one of the most iconic and desired shoe models with the Ramponi pyramids”.


In this scenario the Lombard company, thanks to its wide range of products, and above all of processing, certainly does not renounce playing a key role in the sportswear field. And with its two plants, the 5000 square metres of production area and two collections a year it is a reliable partner for any company in the sector.