Trailblazers in the history of not only American design, the couple both in work and real life made up by Ray and Charles Eames inspires a capsule collection developed by Reebok in collaboration with the Eames Office, which is based on the Club C silhouette, a tennis shoe first released in 1985. Designers who have “redefined post-war American design and shaped the 20th century with their playful yet purposeful sensibility”, the Eames used their works as a source of inspiration for both the shoes and packaging. One pair is decorated with the Dot Pattern, designed by Ray Eames in 1947, while the other is covered in a reproduction of her Composition painting from 1939. The other two are monochrome pairs of trainers in white and black. The shoebox is instead inspired by the iconic Eames house – also known as Case Study House No. 8 – in Los Angeles: an example of post-war suburban architecture and, according to the brand, "a tribute to the couple's design ethos and an exemplar of sustainable building".