The company from Vincenza, Favini, makes its rich know-how and passion for sustainable solutions available in order to give life to an innovative material inspired by the world of fashion, Remake. Remake is an ecological, recyclable and 100% biodegradable leather paper dedicated to luxury printing and packaging. It represents the new frontier of creative reuse (upcycling) in the paper industry: it is produced with 25% of leather process residues, as a replacement for wood tree pulp. Moreover, it is produced with 40% recycled cellulose in full respect for the environment.

As far as sustainability is concerned, Remake combines a natural and distinctive look, which is conveyed by the visible leather residues distributed across the surface, with a surprisingly soft and velvety feel. As far as its use is concerned, Remake is extremely versatile and suited to any kind of printing: finishing, die cutting, UV varnishing, punching, embossing, and laminating.

Remake is also produced with EKOenergia, energy coming from renewable sources and thanks to it special features it has won the European Paper Recycling Awards 2017.

Remake coherently represents progress in the path of sustainability undertaken by Favini, which is backed by numerous certifications and international awards. Leader in the production of release products, and creative and technical prints used in the production processes of materials for the fashion, design, and technical-sportswear industries, Favini is also an international point of reference in the creation of natural fibres-based (cellulose, algae, fruits, nuts, leather etc.) graphic specialities for the product packaging of the main groups coming from the luxury and fashion industries. It also operates in the paper goods industry.