Caretakers of a tradition that has seen the Prato district committed to the regeneration of textile discards since the last century, Lanificio Bigagli has always been one of the most representative Italian realities of the ‘circular economy’, which today appears at the centre of new demands by consumers and society. It is precisely the solid experience of this company from Montemurlo (PO) that has led to the creation of the RERAGS line of recycled and eco-sustainable fabrics, which is based on a simple, yet important, concept at the same time: recycling used fabrics (post-consumer), to give them new life. An expert workforce selects the garments in terms of colour, quality, and composition and, after going through a number of processes, the result is a new fibre ready to be spun, woven, and worn. Thus, it is possible to avoid a waste of resources, while eliminating the polluting processes of dyeing and allowing for tons of water to be saved: a legacy of knowledge combined with responsible and aware choices, which looks to the future with farsightedness and positivity. Guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the materials and processes used is GRS certification, which confirms the effective recycled origins of the product derived from a chain of suppliers that is controlled through strict protocols and high qualitative standards, in the spirit of maximum transparency and traceability.