The renowned Como-based company specialises in the production of fabrics for clothing, footwear and accessories and has resumed its activities after the health emergency, meeting the new expectations of the market focused on sustainability, one of the company’s core values. In fact, it has been travelling down a path of environmental, ethical and social responsibility for some time now. An important prerogative supported by a concrete commitment, a real ‘green’ guarantee for the brands it collaborates with.
From here the company starts again, giving life to fabrics that combine the research of materials with the value of quality, while respecting the environment and production processes. First and foremost, Raso (satin), the company’s pride and joy, made with organic silk and recycled viscose, and the Olona canvas, made with a mix of organic and recycled cotton. The silk is GOTS certified which ensures the control of the entire production process, from the cultivation of the fibre to the processing and finishing of the yarn. The Ecovero-branded viscose comes from recycled cellulose that in no way contributes to deforestation.
In the face of growing demand, the production of sustainable products has become a very important part of the products. Tessitura Attilio Imperiali has also embarked on a path that will lead it to be certified according to the main industry standards, making it possible to certify part of the sustainability content of the raw materials used in its productions. “We are ready to look to the future by finding new solutions and changing the pace if necessary,” says Alessandra Imperiali, CEO of Tessitura Attilio Imperiali. “The fashion and economic system is changing, the needs are growing day by day, changing the demand. In 2014 we signed the Greenpeace Detox protocol which aims at eliminating the use and discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020, and we have always focused our determination, commitment, and total involvement on this.”
The high quality of sustainable products is offered at a promotional price in line with the unsustainable offer and the company is already thinking about expanding the range of "green" products, involving its most loyal suppliers in the development process. “The collection will meet the demand of our partners, realigning our proposal with greater customisation and collaboration between the parties,” underlines Luca Viviani, General Manager of Tessitura Attilio Imperiali. “This moment of slowdown has also proved to be an opportunity to reflect on the value, quality and authenticity of our offer. We are working on new communication formats and the involvement of our contacts to ensure the usual availability and a careful offer in line with expectations. A commitment on our part to restart and rethink the future.”