Did you ever ask yourself what kind of impact the Internet has on the environment? It is a question you should ask since it is the source of around 3% of all global carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent of what is generated by air travel. When Organic Basics, the brand of shirts, intimate wear and basic items made from certified organic cotton with its headquarters in Copenhagen, received a calculation of the carbon footprint from one of its customers, the reaction was immediate. This was the birth of the “Low-impact Website”, an e-commerce site that works with green energy coming from Danish windmills and with a series of energy-saving adjustments like the absence of video, illustrations of clothes, and images available only on demand with a note that indicates the amount of carbon dioxide emitted… this is coherent with the brand’s mission of total sustainability on every level in its supply chain. The “Low-impact Website” would like to set an example to other fashion brands, while at the same time educating web users and making them aware of the impact their clicks have.